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Goats and Cats and Dogs, Ommm my! Doing Yoga with a Variety of Furry Friends

If you’ve ever practiced yoga, you probably think it’s human-centric activity. The idea of doing the downward dog surrounded by scurrying animals would seem quite unorthodox. Yet reaching out to furry friends during your yoga flow is a fun and creative way to receive animal-assisted therapy. Studies have shown that this form of therapy is a great way to reduce anxiety and stress. So you’ll not only be soothed by your practice, but also by the docile beings around you.

Here are some places around Oregon where you can relax and have fun with different creatures.

The Original Goat Yoga Headquarters - Hillsboro, OR - This studio, originally based in Corvallis, has stretched to many studios across the state and country. Whether you have a well-worn mat or need to borrow one from the studio, anyone can enjoy a goat yoga experience. Original Goat Yoga Experiences are every Friday and Saturday with occasional combinations of Yoga and wine tastings at Ruby Winery. Sign up today at

Oregon Humane Society - Portland, OR - The Humane Society in Portland put on a Cat Yoga event this past July and I’m sure they could be purr-suaded to do it again. Cats from the shelter roam the yoga studio during practice for yogis to fall in love and adopt or to spend quality time with. Learn more about adopting a furry friend at

PuppYoga - Forest Grove, OR - Pup up your day with a session at Forest Grove’s PuppYoga Studio where you can practice yoga while surrounded by puppies. The puppies of this studio are raised and trained by the owner whose business, Pieces of the Universe LLC, trains the puppies to become service animals.

Sign up for a session at

Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary - Scio, OR - Settle in and twist like a pig’s tail with the rescued pigs residing at Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary. This practice of pig yoga allows you to be calmed by your practice and the sense that the creatures around you have been saved from the arms of harmful laboratories. The pigs may or may not join you as you yoga it up in their home, but if they do, you will not be disappointed. Discover more at

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